Robin Yerah

Robin Yerah is a musical powerhouse from The Netherlands who writes, produces and performs highly eclectic and intoxicating R&B music.

Being of Moluccan-Indonesian descent, Robin grew up in a house filled with music and creativity. He started writing his own music after his musical growth spurt in high school. Introverted and never much of a talker, art became his ultimate form of communication and self-expression.

Accompanying his soulful voice, Robin’s sound of R&B, Soul and Pop is mixed with elements from countless other genres, such as Jazz, Funk & Hiphop.

On stage, Robin combines all his passions and skills into one unique show. With just him on stage, he plays every instrument and controls every aspect of the show himself, creating something truly personal.

Official Music Video for Robin Yerah’s new single: ‘Break of Dawn (Prod. Jengi)’ ► Listen to the full ‘Emulation’ EP


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