Versie Jean

Every generation has a musical oracle, one that points the way to the complexities of living a purposeful life in these changing times. Tiana “Versie Jean” White is such an artist, and genuine believability is the hallmark of her music. Throughout her self-revealing compositions, her music speaks to a simplistic, yet profound storytelling process, reminiscent of the great songwriters of the past. More than willing to expose her passions, as well as her disappointments, she takes you on a journey of self-discovery using uniquely melodic phrasing that is one, instructive, as well as inspiring encouragement to any and all seeking their way.

Unafraid to share her heartfelt intimacies, her lyrics will bring you face to face with a life learner that is finding peace with discomfort. She has often said, “At a young age, I challenged myself to face head on the things that actually terrified me”, and her commitment to artistic courage is rooted in every song she composes.

Born the youngest daughter of a local R&B singer from Portland, Oregon, “Versie Jean” witnessed firsthand, the demands of fashioning a music career. She gleaned from her Mother’s experience, the need to be a well-rounded, authentic person in the midst of pursuing your dreams.

The passion she brings to her music is matched by a strong, but subtle discipline that directs her creative choices. She often refers to herself as a visual artist. “I write in images. Word pictures that allows the listener to transport into my world. At least that’s what I try to do ha.” Unafraid to cry, to scream, to laugh, and most importantly, to release all her energy into her songs, “Verse Jean” has created in her music, a magnetic attraction that binds the soul of the listener to hear them over and over again.

Jean is a graduate of Lee University, which has housed many great artists such as Jordan Smith season 9 winner of the voice. Clark Beckham season 14 runner up of American Idol and Brooke Simpson Season 13 finalist of the Voice. All of who have inspired her on her artistic journey.

In her upcoming project “Sincerely VersieJean”, due out this spring, she is set to debut as another great Neo-Soul artist guaranteed to move your emotions. It is our pleasure to introduce you to the sound, and the soul of the next great singer-songwriter from the Pacific Northwest. The genuinely, compelling music of “Versie Jean” Enjoy!


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