The Independent Chart Show. 2nd June 2019

Back with another INDEPENDENT CHART SHOW. This time for the week ending June 2nd 2019 . Music Carolyn #1 for the second week, and we have new entries fromQuentin Dyer Moore  Vick Allen and Brown Sugar . Also on this weeks chartJam & Lewis  Kam Corvet  Deja Belle  TL Shider  Hannah Sidibe  Regi MyrixNoel Gourdin  Roszunn  Heath Martin  Fel Davis  Justin Goudeau  Dave Millsand Angelia Williams…. New music from Michon Young music and a new track from Tiana Versie Jean White . 2 hours of the very best in independent soul brought to you by our very own TAXMAN


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MS1 Project

MS1 Project is a concept group production team out of the UK. The main nucleus of the group Is UK DJ- Mike “DJ Blue” Harrison – Principal songwriter,Percussion, Producer and...

Halo Wheeler

Birmingham's contribution to the national music scene started with Ruben Studdard. Today there is a FRESH, BOLD, NEW, DYNAMIC and CUTTING EDGE ARTIST on the scene. Introducing "Halo Wheeler," the...

Liza Waz

Produced by: Akeel HenryAdditional Production by: Adam Josh Pondang February 29 by Liza Biography


Hadassah is a neo-soul singer and songwriter from Long Island, New York. Her music delivers an experiential story while fusing jazz, soul, and R&B on a minimalist backdrop. Hadassah started...