Taxman has been involved in radio from the early 90s into the early 2000’s travelling up and down the UK playing a unique blend of urban music. Taxman presented “Saturday Evening Flavas” for 15 years on a popular London community radio station where a regular feature of the show was to interview the cream of US & UK R&B acts.

In 2011 Taxman came on board as the presenter of The Independent Chart Show; our weekly show designed to showcase new independent artists and their music .


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Kizzy Crawford

A Welsh speaker with Bajan heritage, 20 year old Kizzy Crawford's solo career began just a few years ago. In that time, Kizzy has developed an increasing sophistication to her...

Vicky Flint

Vicky Flint is a professional Trumpet and Flugelhorn player and Trumpet/Cornet/Brass teacher based just 15 miles outside of London with over 20 years real life experience in the business.  If...

Rustee Allen

Coming from humble origins, Rustee and his family migrated to Oakland, California around 1955, from Monroe, Louisiana.  Moving into a community called Sobrante Park, further toward East Oakland, would be...


Born and raised in Houston, Tx... 24 yr old Sowell's father was the song leader in the church she grew up in. Not only was Sowell in the church choir,...