Kate Stewart

London-based singer-songwriter Kate Stewart has unveiled a new music video for “Bad Enough” directed by Reginald Robson. 

The clip was filmed in three locations in London, where are a beautiful house in West London, a house in Hackney and a secret church in Aldgate. 

The song is included her debut EP “n the Beginning, which was released last November. It was written by Kate Stewart, Benjamin Totten and Farrah Guenea.  The EP comprises of 8-track including three preceding sinhles “Loving You”, “He’s Good” and “He’s Good”. 
She has been influenced by 90s and 2000s music, her style of music is like R&B with soul and sometimes with a mix of pop and dance.

Kate Stewart said of the video, “Since becoming independent this is the first visual I’ve released and it finally feels like me. It’s exactly how I’ve always wanted to be portrayed and I’m happy I got to do it for my favourite song on the EP ‘Bad Enough’. I called a good friend of mine, director Max Robson. He’s got an eye for beautiful lighting and simplicity, and as soon as he pitched his idea for what he had in mind I could see it perfectly in my head. The video was shot by camera man, Mike Spencer. He captured every shot so perfectly, I feel he made it look like a movie.”


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