Jungle Leez

Jungle Leez , ” Soldier of Love,” ” Soldier of Peace ” , is an artist from Cameroon who grew up in France and now based in London.
Intending first for cinema and hip hop dance, she will finally choose music to continue her art journey . After a degree in Sociology, a license of Science in Education and a Bachelor in advertising pocket, soon she realizes that her futur is not behind a desk but on stage.

“Jungle” for the eclectic, colored, powerful side of her universe, and ” Leez ” for the suave and sophisticated side . She defines her music as the “Cosmic Soul” ; a mix of diverse and varied styles such as hip hop , reggae, Afro -beat, nu -soul, new jack … After a first single ” Leave” -like retro -soul left in 2012 , she returned in June 2013, with an EP : ” COSMIC LOVE PART 1/The Kiss Of Peace ” produced by beatmaker Toulouse TONE PRODS . This EP with 8 tracks is a declaration of love to Life. The first single of this EP was “Money » a Tribute to Michael Jackson. The video clip perfectly described  what really is the Cosmic Soul.

End of 2014, She released a mixtape « Insomnia » putting inside all her night’s inspirations,
singing on smart faces B like Jill Scott-A Long Walk, Madlib-Ashby Road or J-Dila-Life.
This « Homestudio » project had very good feedbacks and we had the pleasure to discover all
the vocals’s capacities of Jungle Leez.

In June the 21st she released her first album « Supanova », a mix of diverse and varied styles such as hip hop , Soul, nu -soul, jazz or D rum and bass…

This album is an International collaboration. As a Franco-cameroonian artist living in London, she travelled several times to Slovenia to work with the well-known producer from the Balkans « Profetesa ». This collaboration brought her THE special sound she was looking for all those years, allowing her to write the 12 original songs of this project.
She also has the opportunity to work with the two most famous rappers at the moment in Slovenia. « Ghet » in a song called « Life » and « Cyam » in « Revolution ». A video of this last song has been released simultaneously with the album.

It was a challenge for her to go to a country where the African community was almost non-existent. But she did it and imposed her style with humility. Within few months, she found herself under colloboration requests from Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Georgia, Czech Republic and more. She realized how, the way Music links people together is Strong and Powerful.

Supanova represents the evolution of Jungle Leez, in her Life, her vision and her desire to find peace of mind in this Jungle’s Life.

In March 2018, she released “GALAXIA” an EP in collaboration with the talented producer I-PKU and the sound engineer Adrien Louis-Joseph. It’s a project who allow her to express herself freely and to have a lot of fun!

She is actually working on her second album who will maybe be released in 2018.


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