Jaguar Wright

There are singers, there are musicians, and then there are artist that conjure the spirits of some of the best holding both the afore mentioned titles, giving those within listening distance an experience that reaches far beyond the realms of music. With a voice that speaks directly to the soul, Jaguar Wright is a presence in music that can neither be ignored nor denied.

Her first album Denials Delusions Decisions gave the world a peak into the mind and life of a woman who is just a sweet as she is tough. With a delivery that at times is syrupy sweet right before it melds into a gritty Philly swagger that is unmistakable, Wright is the Big Bang that occurs when Miles Davis and Patti Label like forces collide. 

Endearing us to her voice, passion for music, and life with songs like “Self Love”, which acts a pep talk that we all need at some point in our lives and “The What If’s”, the first single from the album that made us fall in love with a woman telling her man exactly how it is and what it’s going to be.

The title of her second project Divorcing Neo to Marry Soul took many fans by surprise. Hoping that the songstress that they had come to love and rely on for soul affirming ballads and up tempo grooves was not crossing over to gain mass appeal as some of her counterparts had done. But with the release of her first single from the album “Free” quickly put all inquiring minds at ease and reassured that upfront in your face real talk Jaguar had not watered down her art. Quoted as saying “What I’ve learned most about
myself as an artist is that I don’t compromise my artistry for a damn thing. I fight for the integrity as well as its virtue; and hold dear to the very fiber of the true meaning of this extraordinary gift.”

Between major projects fans have been granted the opportunity to receive doses of Jaguar with the release of various live underground projects that expose a side of Jaguar Wright that is present but not as bold on studio recordings. To see Jaguar Wright live is to come alive in your seat that is if she has not already made you rise to her occasion. Wright commands her band with maestro like flare and creates impromptu tunes that display her natural ability to do no wrong to a song. A Jaguar Wright show is sure to leave the audience exhausted and satiated. 

Having been in the music business for the better part of 19yrs Jaguar has been tearing down stages and offering food for thought nationally and internationally while lending her voice to songs by artist such as The Roots and Hezekiah. But it wasn’t until she sang background with The Roots for Jay-Z on MTV Unplugged that Jaguar’s vocal prowess reached the mainstream.  Delivering a version of Song Cry that left those unfamiliar with the Philly natives spell casting range and vocal ability asking one question, “Who the hell is that?” Just listening to one of her songs it is apparent that she is not, as she puts it, “Some kind of corporate machine or commercial personality.” In each song lives an intimacy that makes it seem as if she is having a one on one conversation with the listener. The feeling that Jaguar is the type of person you can find around the way on any given day is undeniable.

Fans can look forward to Wrights third album DAMN DAMN DAMN set to be released early next spring. Jaguar provided some insight as to where this attention grabber of an album title came from. When asked what fans can expect from this CD Wright replied “Just a bunch of cussing like DAMN DAMN DAMN!!! The purpose of this bold title is to cross my favorite time in music with what’s current in music…to show how we never truly got away from where we started from. This album will be Denials Delusions Decisions Volume 2, marking the revival of that beloved brand name.” SO much so a brand name that Wright has chosen the 3D’s for her first book title. “Denials Delusions Decisions” will be a fictional story based on realistic events. The main character of the book is a woman who has struggled for the better part of 20 years trying to work through the ramifications of her past indiscretions. With a new album and the debut of Jaguar the book writer there are many great things in store that will only add to the legacy of this entertainer. Leaving her mark on the world by holding
steadfast to the beliefs that “just because it isn’t easy doesn’t mean it’s too hard and “just because it isn’t pretty doesn’t mean it isn’t  beautiful.”-


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