EimaraL Sol is a Texas-based songstress whose sound is anything but ordinary. With influences from a wide range of artists, such as Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse, Ella Fitzgerald, and Lauryn Hill Eimaral offers a sound that needs no classification. With the help of the Houston-based production group, Analogue Escape, Eimaral is pushing the boundaries of R&B and Soul with her eclectic style and melodies. Her single, “Gravity”, has caught the attention of various media outlets, such as Sway’s Universe,  Rappers I KnowDay and A Dream , (2) , Infinit BlogMotif N VolumeTha Produce Section, The Hive Society, and Free Press Houston. These outlets and more have highlighted Eimaral for her new, refreshing sound and her efforts to develop a new niche for herself. Eimaral sol has also been featured on radio shows such as Sould Out Radio on KPFT, The Groove on KPFT, A Music Lovers Soul on Allrealradio, and The Soul Brother Show on KPFT.

            Born and raised in Killeen, Texas, Eimaral’s passion for music started at a very young age. As a getaway from the turbulence of her home life, music was the calm amidst the storm. As a young teen, Eimaral began to turn her passion for music into more than an escape. As she became an adult, she enrolled in Texas Southern University, majoring in Entertainment and Recording Industry Management, where she received her bachelor’s degree and classical voice training in addition to obtaining insight on the business side of music, writing for digital media and film, and enhancing post production and digital editing skills. She recently received a master’s degree in public relations from Full Sail University.

            Eimaral Sol is an artist dedicated to using her talents and the things she is passionate about to spread knowledge, love, and acceptance of others and oneself. With her music Eimaral Sol creates a cognitive experience for her listeners and allows them to feel free of judgement and social constraints. Eimaral Sol is determined to use her platform to aid the progression of society and fulfill the vacancy for authentic soul music. Her idea of success is following her passion for music wherever it leads. If you enjoy the sounds of artists like Jhené Aiko, Alina Baraz, Yuna or Erykah Badu, you’re bound to enjoy the sounds of EimaraL Sol. Listen now and decide for yourself!


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