Deja Belle

Deja Belle is a Congolese-American singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress. Her name means “one who is already beautiful” in French. Born in France, and later raised near Washington, DC, her music is a fusion of contemporary R&B, soul and afrobeat influences. Since 2006, Deja Belle has penned chart-topping, award-winning music and has performed with legendary R&B artists including Regina Belle, The Manhattans, The Whispers, Meli’sa Morgan and Dionne Warwick. She recently self-released her long-awaited debut album, “U.N.I.”, which is a 6 song EP of soul and afrobeat music delivering messages of love, yearning, faith and resilience.  

Uplifting and soulful, Deja Belle’s long-awaited debut album is a fusion of dynamically-arranged neo-soul and afrobeat music. Delivering messages of love, yearning, faith and resilience, U.N.I. is sure to inspire, comfort and move you.


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