Claire Renee

Who is this girl?

Is what most would probably ask when they see Claire. A jeune faced, shy, and smart young artist(yet hilariously honest and outspoken young woman once you get to know her a bit) is usually quite the underdog. “People see me and I think they expect something… and I give them the unexpected”. Singing mostly R&B, Soul, Neo-soul, Gospel, Pop and Jazz this singer/songwriter’s raspy yet pretty vocals along with her unique harmonies always give a song a bit of a different touch. As a writer she is not one to limit herself and lets all types of music influence her from world music to country music.

This multi-talented 20 year old has quite a unique background that didn’t start with her having a mic in her hand or singing in front of family and friends at a young age like most. Claire started dancing at the age of 4 years old. At 10 years old she got accepted to, The Dance Theater of Harlem on a full scholarship. She studied ballet, tap, and jazz at the school until she got accepted to the Professional Performing Arts School for High School. She majored in dance, where she was apart of the PPAS/ Alvin Ailey dance program. Throughout her high school career she studied ballet, jazz, Horton and Graham based modern, and contemporary dance. She worked with choreographers Pedro Ruiz, Camille A. Brown, and Earl Mosley throughout her learning experience at the Alvin Ailey dance school. Outside of school Claire studied Hip Hop dance with some of the best hip-hop choreographers and teachers in NYC. It wasn’t until her last two years in high school that she realized that music was another way for her to express herself. “ I always sang to myself as a kid and sometimes in church with the youth choir. My mom thought I had issues because I would harmonize so much. I never thought I was good enough to actually sing and make it a part of my career until around my junior or senior year in high school”.

Claire didn’t get into songwriting until it was mentioned to her by one of her high school teachers who would read her poetry assignments. She decided to go to college and study music business at Mahattanville College. After some time at Manhattanville she then decided to audition for Berklee College of Music and study voice and music business and was accepted into the school in 2009. After some time there she then decided to come back to her city and study at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music where she is flourishing and studying jazz performance as a vocalist.

Claire plans to start her own record label and music publishing company with her older brother, as well as continue to be an entertainer and genuine artist. “ I get inspired by so many things and whether I’m dancing, singing, writing, choreographing, being wild and crazy, or taking pictures I love expressing myself or ideas that people can relate to”.

Always inspired and taking notes from greats such as Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughan and many others keeps this young lady at the piano creating great music. With her unique vocals, thoughtful messages, wide influence and taste in music and clever songs such as “ Love Music” Claire can’t be contained. “ I don’t know how people will perceive me or my music but I don’t really think I’ll be an artist that fits just one mold all the time”. With all of her goals and talents, Claire plans to share herself as an artist and help other artists succeed as well. Soon many will no longer have to ask who this up and coming talent is.


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