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Liza Waz

Produced by: Akeel HenryAdditional Production by: Adam Josh Pondang February 29 by Liza Biographyhttps://soundcloud.com/liza_wazhttps://open.spotify.com/artist/7CeUn1UNtIFSZIIBNXV8jkhttps://instagram.com/lizayohannes/https://twitter.com/lizayohanneshttps://www.facebook.com/Lizawazmusic/


Hadassah is a neo-soul singer and songwriter from Long Island, New York. Her music delivers an experiential story while fusing jazz, soul, and R&B on a minimalist backdrop. Hadassah started...

Mark Vodery

Born in Wilmington, Delaware, Mark Vodery grew up listening to different genres of music. His desire to sing came to fruition after moving to Philadelphia. He secretly took vocal lessons...


Author, composer and performer, Keltoum reveals herself with as much sweetness as energy using her emotions to offer us a music with varied influences. A subtle Soul voice that immediately embeds...