Singer. Songwriter. Producer. Actor. CEO. Visionary. Philanthropist. Imagineer.

2017 Emmy Award Winner, three-time Grammy-nominated artist, B.Slade, is called to write, produce and perform alongside his musical idols, from Janet Jackson to Snoop Dogg. B.Slade ranks as a top favorite amongst A-listers. He began his journey over 20 years ago, and has since written and produced over 300 songs. B.Slade makes memorable appearances in all genres of music. Most recently compared to the Prince, B.Slade similarly plays multiple instruments and has an unmatched vocal range.

B.Slade’s first starring motion picture role was September 2014 in the film “Anything For Wifey”, directed by KJ Anderson. In 2016, his stint as “Stacks” in “For The Record: Scorsese” at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills garnered critical acclaim and helped the musical win six Broadway World Los Angeles awards, including “Best Musical” and his own 2018 Ovation Award for “Best Lead Actor In  A Musical”.

B.Slade entered the world of television and film with a bang. He wrote and produced songs for the hit Paramount TV Show “One on One”, “Off We Go” (featured on Sony Pictures’ Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck film “Gigli”), music for HBO Films’ “Prison Song” starring Q-Tip and Mary J. Blige, and produced a song for the BET Films original movie “The Walk”. “The Good Song 2005” was included on the soundtrack of the movie “XXX: State Of The Union” starring Ice Cube.

B.Slade has also penned the theme song and incidental music for the OWN Network TV Series “Flex & Shanice”, starring husband and wife Flex Alexander and Shanice Wilson. He also wrote and co-produced Shanice’s songs “Gotta Blame Me” and “We Can Fly”, which appeared on the series, and also feature B.Slade on co-lead vocals. B.Slade later co-directed (with Logan Alexander) and choreographed the music video for “Gotta Blame Me”.

The undulation of his music moves the body and captures the soul. His cutting-edge presentation engages all of the senses, and his lyrical style draws his listeners in and takes them on a rhythmic journey. His new self-titled album, released in November of 2017 and is currently available through all digital platform, while physical copies of the CD are available on This new project clearly executes his strong musical, lyrical and visual presence. B.Slade’s music speaks to every music lover and compels his audience to move and be engaged.

As a highly sought-after songwriter and producer, B.Slade has written or produced for some of the biggest artists in the industry including Chaka Khan (“I Love Myself”), Sheila E. (“Fiesta”), Faith Evans (“Paradise”), and Angie Fisher, for which he wrote and co-produced her 2014 debut smash hit single, “I.R.S.”, garnering Ms. Fisher’s first Grammy nomination and B.Slade’s third. He also co-wrote several songs on Elijah Blake’s Def Jam debut LP, including the smash hit “I Just Wanna…” (whose video reached over 14 million views on YouTube) and its title track, “Shadows & Diamonds”, and has been featured prominently in background vocal arrangements on several songs. B.Slade also co-wrote and co-produced actress & singer Tisha Campbell-Martin’s single, “Steel Here”, which has received over 2.3 million video plays on YouTube, along with the follow-up single, “Lazy B***h” (also co-produced and co-written by B.Slade) which itself garnered 962.5k views. He is credited for closely working on the entirety of Mrs. Campbell-Martin’s upcoming album release. B.Slade was instrumental in creating legendary singer Chaka Khan’s 2017 single from her own imprint, iKahn Sounds. “I Love Myself” (written and produced by B.Slade) was the lead single to introduce the world to Chaka’s own label and was featured on the final season of Netflix’s hit show “The Get Down”. More recently, he was featured as a guest vocalist and songwriter/ producer of various songs on Snoop Dogg’s gospel album, “Bible of Love”, and its lead single, “Words Are Few”,was written and produced by Mr. Slade.


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