the best in independent soul…..

Breaking Artists; bringing the best in independent soul to London radio since 2006; providing a platform for independent artists to showcase new music.



Promoting music with physical distribution to specialist stores in London; promoting artists through the Breaking Artists website; exclusive radio samplers, and The Independent Chart Show; Breaking Artists has set the stage for the rise of new shows now dedicated to playing the very best in independent soul.
Breaking Artists original radio samplers were branded to create a buzz on the London underground radio network, with the early issues now regarded as being at the forefront of breaking and introducing independent soul music to the London radio network and throughout the UK.

In 2011 with the help of London radio presenter Bully B ,  The Independent Chart Show was created; a weekly podcast which carried through the theme of introducing and showcasing new release independent soul plus forthcoming releases.
In 2012 Taxman came on board as main presenter of the show, and The Independent Chart Show now gets re-broadcast through various stations throughout the world.
The Independent Chart Show is now the primary platform for promoting the very best in independent soul.

Check out The Independent Chart Show , presented by Taxman – every week.

As artists, songwriters paint a world as seen through their eyes and minds. It’s so exciting and exhilarating when that vision comes eye to eye with that of another person, let alone a lot of people. Thank you for believing in me and playing such a huge role in my journey by sharing my story and music with the world. SuCH

Thank you for paving the way for independent Soul/R&B music and artists.  It has been since the mid 2000′s that I was out in London, and they really took care of me.  I look forward to seeing you guys again.MASKERADE

“S/O Breaking Artists UK LONDON SHOWING ME SO MUCH LOVE ”Charli Madison

You guys are the truth!TJ BOYCE

Yall have showed love to me since I first hit the scene with “Vintage Love” in 2009! I appreciate all You have done for me and other REAL MUSICIANS who make REAL SOUL MUSIC! Keep doing what you are doing over at Breaking Artists! Peace and Love!  – QUENTIN MOORE

Lovin’ ur work…U inspire me 2 keep doing what I do!SOLEX

Hey this is John Michael and I want give a big thankyou to everyone at BreakingArtists for keeping real music alive and providing a bridge between music and those that love to listen and enjoy!JOHN MICHAEL

Since day one, you have been a driving force in making sure that our music was heard!! It is because of the time, dedication, commitment, tireless energy like yours that help this business make it a better place to thrive as an Independent Artist!! We can only say great things! Thank you for ALL YOU do and to the listeners who give us their time to listen!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!! #TheLatinPhoenixAMARYLISS SANTIAGO

Rising to number #1 for three weeks is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t thank you guys enough for all the love and support. I will always remember what you’ve done for me. To all the listeners and fans you made it happen for Robin Small to get to the top of the chart. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. God Bless your hearts and your families. Tp God Be The Glory For Great Things he has Done. Let’s make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ROBIN SMALL

It is of great pleasure 2 be apart of such a great show that highlights Soul.. From supporting my Roi Anthony released to now Le’jit is an honor!! You all know exactly what to do when good artist & music comes your way.. You help break artist & keep their dream alive!! Tony B thank you in every way for providing such great Djs like Taxman & the rest of the Breaking artist crew my music !! We brothers in soul homie!!! I got more great artist for u so be ready!!!  – Roi Anthony/Mohitz

Thanks so much Breaking Artists and Independent Chart Show! I love and appreciate what you guys are doing for indies everywhere!!LO CARTER

Many thanks to the Breaking Artist Network for giving voice to outstanding Independent Artists, and opportunity to maximize international exposure of their music. I am truly grateful to have such awesome gatekeepers of SOUL!EARL DWAYNE

“Many thanks and blessings. You`re a blessing taxman! Thanx for having my music on your show. The London leg of my tour will be something to experience! Cant wait to meet you.” Nina Rae

Thanks for having me as an artist and exposing me to other neosoul and r&b srtist from around the world.  .peace… Eijay

Thanks to Breaking Artists and all the fans for your continued support. Very happy and humbled 2 be a part of this.DALLAS BLOCKER

… you are listening to the best in independent soul….

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